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Our Approach

We Believe

  • Every sentient being has the inalienable right to dignity and health;

  • Authentic belonging and reflective practice are essential for healthy individuals, organizations, and communities; 

  • Diversity and inclusion may be a starting place but alone are not sufficient practices to transform the social sector or to demonstrate solidarity for racial equity;

  • Trust is built by acting together, following through, and extending grace;

  • Progress happens at the speed of trust;

  • Philanthropy can measurably demonstrate "love for humankind", the meaning of philanthropy;

  • Accountability of funders (institutions), donors (individuals), and gatekeepers (community spokespersons not of the community, including consultants like myself) is necessary to transform paradigms, practices, and systems. 

We Start By

  • Determining if we are a good fit to work with each other;

  • Exploring shared values and a shared vision;

  • Assessing where a group is at in their commitment to transformation;

  • Identifying desired results early in the process informs a scope of work, budget, and timeline.

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